Vision & Mission

The vision of The Agora 47 is to give the Catholic faith a more prominent place among the sports chatter, news sound bites, and daily tabloid happenings that dominate the online world.


The mission of The Agora 47 is to serve the Catholic Church and her believers by being a resource for all Catholic organizations, assisting them in their evangelization through social media efforts.

  • The Agora 47 provides authentically Catholic content that these organizations are able to share to their online followers.
  • The Agora 47 can manage the sharing of the content and regularly engage those who comment on the content for the different social networks of each organization.
  • The Agora 47 manages the social network accounts of each organization
  • The Agora 47 teaches and trains representatives of each organization to be able to add their own content as needed.
  • The Agora 47 consults and assists others in sharing their message of evangelization online.
  • The Agora 47 shares the Catholic faith through their own online initiatives and social media accounts.