What is The Agora 47?

In the 47th message for World Communications Day, Pope Benedict XVI stated, “Believers are increasingly aware that unless the Good News is made known also in the digital world, it may be absent in the experience of many people for whom this existential space is important.” The Agora 47 hears what Pope Benedict XVI said, and has answered the need to assist those who serve the believers.

The Agora 47 is a Catholic apostolate (organization that serves the Catholic Church) that provides and manages social media content and social network accounts for Catholic parishes, dioceses, and/or other apostolates/ministries.  The content provided comes from reputable sources and is within the doctrine of the Catholic faith.  The Agora 47 provides this content for a fair price, while scheduling it to be shared throughout the day for their clients on the popular social networks of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+.  Clients have the option to add their own announcements in the schedule of posts, as well as how much to engage with the public online.

In addition to social media content and account management, The Agora 47 also provides consultations and training on best practices for using social media tools in the Catholic Church world in line with the latest trends and research.

The Agora 47 provides their clients with 5 plans.  Three of these plans are designed for individual parishes. The fourth plan is designed for full dioceses.  The fifth and final plan is a custom plan offered to apostolates and other ministries that serve the Catholic Church.

The Agora 47 helps Catholic organizations be online more often, engage their audience, and grow their brand.  It is not a marketing firm, it is a service provider.