Service Plans

We want to serve and help you. If every Catholic organization utilized social media to effectively share our Church’s message, there would be a greater understanding of our Catholic faith, and it would be much more a part of the everyday lives of those that are not regularly engaged in our Church buildings.

Every parish, diocese and Catholic organization’s finances are unique and usually dependent on the generosity of others. The Agora 47 has kept this in mind when developing their plans and pricing structure so that anyone seeking our services will be able to find a plan suitable to their needs and budget.  We believe firmly in the tenants of Catholic stewardship, and provide a limited amount of reduced pricing plans for our parishes and dioceses that are truly unable to subscribe to our services.

We offer 3 different plans for Parishes or schools, a plan for dioceses and a plan for other apostolates/ministries. Click the appropriate button below to find out more.