Diocesan Plans: $1000/month

Diocesan Social Media Manager
10+ Tweets/Day
3-4 Facebook posts/Day
3-4 Instagram posts/week
3-4 Google+ Page posts/week
2 Pinterest Boards/ month

  • Twitter
    • Link to day’s Readings
    • Link to next day’s Readings
    • Scripture Verse
    • Catechetical Reference
    • Pope, USCCB or Saint Quote
    • Bishop quote
    • This day in Catholic History
    • Prayer Intention
    • Retweet @Pontifex Tweets
    • Retweet of @Bishop accounts (if applicable)
    • 20 Diocese Announcements shared regularly within a week
    • #Hashtag Campaigns as desired
    • Twitter list of Parishes
    • Twitter list of Priests and Religious within the Diocese
    • Additional Twitter Lists as requested
  • Facebook
    • Posts from edited Twitter Content
    • Diocesan Announcements
    • News or links to diocesan website articles
    • Daily “liking” or “sharing” of Parishes, USCCB or select Facebook page posts
    • Daily review of Facebook page to insure all comments & posts by followers are appropriate
  • Pinterest
    • Monthly Board
    • Board of all Diocesan affiliated accounts
    • Board of all Bulletin Advertisers and other local businesses/organizations
    • 15-20 pins a week
    • “Repinning” from Parishes, USCCB, Vatican and other Catholic Boards
  • Instagram
    • Provided photos resized properly prior to posting
    • Include 1 Meme a week
    • Follow bulletin advertisers, local businesses/organizations
  • Dedicated Cloud folder checked daily for photos, announcements to be shared
  • Random Engagement with businesses, organizations, local pastors & parishes
  • Weekly Phone conversation: Who to engage with, tag, mention due to upcoming events
  • One in-person, Diocesan-wide Training Workshop: How and Why to Use Social Media in Ministry*
  • Access to all Webinars
  • Quarterly Analytic Reports


*Travel & Board not included