What we do

What does The Agora 47 do:

 The Agora 47 provides Catholic content for social media channels, social media account management for Catholic parishes, dioceses, and apostolates/ministries, and training on best practices for using social media tools in the Catholic Church world in line with the latest trends and research.


 Researches, Writes and Provides Social Media Content:

It’s easy to tweet, but it’s hard to find the right things to share that help grow the faith.  Daily content from The Agora 47 are Bible Verses, Catechism References, Saint Quotes, historical citations or other messages that would assist in sharing the Catholic faith. The Agora 47’s Social Media Evangelists are catechists, lay ministers, and believers that want more of what comes on their social network feeds to be Catholic content.  Content is then scheduled at least 72 hours in advance, for review or edits by any client that would like to see what will be posted in their name.

 Social Media Account Management:

Time is a problem. Finding the time to post to Instagram, follow the comments on the Facebook wall, or keep track of the trends on Twitter is not easy.  Due to focusing only on Catholic content, The Agora 47 is able to follow along with what is trending in the world of Catholic social media and respond appropriately for each of their clients.  Having social media as their focus, they are able to look at all facebook walls daily, and respond or remove comments and responses as needed in the name of the client.


Consultations, webinars, staff workshops, one on one trainings and diocesan workshops are just a few ways The Agora 47 works with you to make sure you have the knowledge to succeed in social media evangelization. Our trainers stay up to date on the latest trends and uses of social media, the newest networks, and ways to effectively use each. Social media is a two way street, and the only way to utilize it most effectively is if both The Agora 47 and your organization work together in providing a regular and consistent online presence.

Staff Training:

The Agora 47 provides training to client staff members through 3 webinars, staff workshops, diocesan workshops and one-on-one trainings.

  • Webinars
    • How to Build a Parish Social Media Plan
      • Effective Social Media Content needs to be shared in a methodical way. This webinar helps parish understand how to add social media content in their planning of events and programs.
    • Staying Engaged with Parishioners online
      • Social media shares a message, but social networks connect the people. Engaging with parishioners is a lot easier said than done. This webinar helps a parish be able to engage with their parishioners and not feel the need to be online 24/7.
    • Social Media Evangelization
      • How ministers share their faith in person does not always translate onto a screen. This webinar takes a look at the dos and don’ts of sharing the Catholic faith online.
    • Staff Workshops
      • While The Agora 47 will handle the generic content, staff members should still understand what the parish is doing and why they are doing it. Individual staff members should also have an understanding of how to use the tools the parish is using in case of any last minute changes, or a wanting to utilize the social media tools in addition to the way The Agora 47 utilizes them.
    • Diocesan Workshops
      • “How and Why to Use Social Media in Ministry.” It is not easy to convince people to do new things, especially if it is something that they do not understand. When discussing social media with clerical and lay ministers, this is a regular problem.  For many others that see the value in utilizing social media in ministry, there is a concern of how to use it.  This workshop begins with why Catholic ministers should all be utilizing social media and provides several step by step approaches to get started in a manageable to maintain way.
    • One-on-One Trainings

Staff Contacts need to be able to use social media as well as possible.  While The Agora 47 will manage their general content and posts, the parish may still want to post additional content, share changes, or engage in a way not discussed with The Agora 47.  This training will work on the ins and outs of Hootsuite, the social media channels being utilized, and some common dos and don’ts.