How The Agora 47 works

How The Agora 47 works:

 After deciding to utilize The Agora 47’s services, your parish will receive a consultation with one of our social media evangelizers to develop a social media plan, who to follow, and what content to be looking for. We will then subscribe to your already established Hootsuite account, or establish an account for you.  Once Hootsuite is set-up, we will begin scheduling our standard content into your social networks.

All standard content is shared among The Agora 47 clients. While the content is shared and repeated, it remains unique to most of your followers who are following your accounts due to a personal connection. Scripture verses, link to the day’s readings and saint quotes will often be the same each day while all other content will be rotated and shared among our clients.

A few weeks after regularly sharing and posting content, The Agora 47 will provide you with marketing tools to share with those you hope to follow you online. These could be bulletin announcements, e-mail blasts, flyers, posters and more.

Finally, we will maintain regular contact with you so we can provide relevant content, as well as schedule any announcements you need shared. After 3 months, we will be able to analyze the trends to see what times are effective to post.  We will also schedule your trainings at this time.