Why use The Agora 47

 Why Use The Agora 47?

  • Competent Staff
    • Social Media Evangelists are well trained, with social media use in ministry and stay up to date on the latest trends and social network.
  • Pre-Scheduled Content
    • All content is pre-scheduled a minimum of 72 hours in advance, giving all organizations the opportunity to review and edit if desired.
  • Properly Scheduled Content
    • After the first 3 months, content is prioritized and shared at the most effective times according to analytic data
  • Monitoring Streams for Engagement
    • The Agora 47 Social Media Evangelists monitor common Catholic keywords, hashtags, and accounts for real-time retweets and engagement
  • Review all accounts for appropriate comments and engagement with the public
    • While The Agora 47 can control what is shared by you, we can only review what is shared about you or to you. Regular review ensures nothing inappropriate can be stated on your public forums.
  • Repeating Content
    • The Catholic Church is universal. We share the same doctrine, Communion of Saints, Bishops, Pope and Liturgy. It would make sense that what we share online is similar. However, as individuals, we may be following the Pope, or our Diocese, but we still want to be connected to our individual parish. We’re probably not following the parish in the next town over, which is why the content is shared and repeated among several parishes, it remains unique to your followers.